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Stump Speech

  • Absurd? Yes. Amusing? No. The discourse of the 2010 campaign.

The Other Half

  • In which Word Watch tries to fulfill its readers’ expectations.

The Simple Life

  • Just because the year has ended doesn't mean that life as we understand it has to end.

Well, at Least That's Over

  • 2010: It wasn’t the worst of times, but it certainly wasn’t the best of them.

Tourist Class

  • Start with Depp, add Jolie — that’s how you go from great to just okay.

Media, Heal Thyself

  • Not every bad thing that happens is a deep wound to the American psyche.

Debt Approaches Historic High

  • Why we're actually worse off than we were 65 years ago.

Defining Democracy Down

  • Our modern-day democrats skip the theory and go straight to demanding what they want, good and hard.

Losing the Battle, Spinning the War

  • Our linguistic soldiers suffer setbacks in multiple theaters.

The End Is Nigh

  • Year after year after year...

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