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And We All Frack On

  • Heavens! Can such things be permitted?

The High and the Mighty

  • And how they are fallen.

Confessions of a Sports Fanatic

  • An appetizer for the Super Bowl.

Logic and Liberty

  • Are you persuading, or are you merely arguing?

All in the Tribe

  • Visigoths and Ostrogoths, and don’t forget the Vandals.

Hoffman Dies, War on Drugs Revives

  • And that’s the real tragedy.

Gobbled by the Blob

  • As opposed to going Galt.

The Keystone Kops’ Kontinued Kraziness

  • A subject that should be on everybody’s front page.

The Ghost of Elections Yet to Come

  • As San Diego goes, so goes the nation?

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