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The Latest Victory for the Second Amendment

  • The Peruta decision: how it happened; what it means.

My Hero

  • An homage to John Kerry.

Suffering from PODADS (Post-Downton Abbey Depression Syndrome)?

  • Here’s a remedy. And hopes for a remedy of public funding for TV.

Noah Sails Where No Rock Ever Sailed Before

  • If there’s matter and anti-matter, why can’t there be Bible and anti-Bible?

Mr. Yee’s Profession

  • An allusion to George Bernard Shaw’s Mrs. Warren.

Post-Traumatic Story Disorder

  • The medium is the missed point.

What Did Obama Motors Know?

  • And when did it know it?

Entitlement Drives Amok

  • And over the edge.

Universities Are Not Walmart

  • More’s the pity.

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