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Not to Praise, But to Bury

  • The Bush legacy you won't hear.

A Newer, Sleeker Santa

  • If you’re tired of Christmas claptrap — and who isn’t?

The Tumblr Farce

  • The problem is a dearth of adult mental content.

Is My Vote Wasted?

  • Twenty-five ideas about voting Libertarian.

Presidents Will Be Presidents

  • But that doesn’t make it right.

Los Pollos Coming Home to Roost

  • What, exactly, is being protected?

Beer, Bikes & Brexit

  • Up the UK in low gear.

Awright, Which One a You Mugs Moiduhed duh Inglish Language?

  • I cannot tell a lie. It was the state.

Remembering the Great War

  • If we remember, will we learn?

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