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Liberty Magazine - July 1990

  • The Death of Socialism and the Conservation of Resentment, Robert Sheaffer; A Gathering of the Tribes, John Baden; Conversations with Ayn Rand, John Hospers; The Death of Political Labels, Mark Skousen; Hard Cases and Universal Principles, Sheldon Richman and David Friedman; The Orwellian University?, Charles Thorne; The State vs. the Family, Terree Waslee; Libertarian Foreign Policy, James S. Robbins; Call It Puerile, William Moulton; Money and the Root of Evil, R.W. Bradford; Honest John DeForest, Bill Kauffman; Public Enemy is Number 1, Brian Doherty

Liberty Magazine - May 1990

  • Make Sense, Not War, R.W. Bradford; Conservatism in Its Latter Days, William P. Moulton; A Population Crisis?, Jane Shaw; Liberty, War, and Intervention, Stephen Cox and Sheldon Richman; Ivan Grozni, Brett Rutherford; The Great Gulf in Libertarian Theory, Loren Lomasky; The Truth about the "Official Truth," Karl Hess; Archie Bunker in Blackface?, Gary S. Meade and Jim McClarin; A Management Consultant Looks at the Libertarian Party, Ronald E. Merrill; Encounter in Mbabane, George Hollenback; Liberty without Romance, Bart Kosko; Confessions for a Welfare Intellectual, James S. Robbins; Economists vs. Environmentalists, Robert Higgs; Bork's Law, Leland Yeager; Vladimir Pozner: Still Fibbing After All These Years, Richard Kostelanetz; Harvesting Welfare, Brian Doherty; Novelist, Naturalist, Anarchist, Bill Kauffman

Liberty Magazine - March 1990

  • Isolating the Error of Isolationism, Stephen Cox; The Conquest of the United States by Manuel Noriega, Editors and Contributors; Humanity vs. Nature, John Hospers; Scholarship as Leechcraft, George H. Smith; Hong Kong: Capitalism without Democracy, R.K. Lamb; Paleoliberalism in the Dock, Editors and Contributors; Pozner the Poseur, Richard Kostelanetz; H.L. Mencken: The Man vs. the State of Opinion, R.W. Bradford; In It for the Money, James S. Robbins

Liberty Magazine - January 1990

  • Now the Real Struggle Begins, R.W. Bradford; "Doors," Stephen Cox; Dreams: Socialist and Libertarian, Sheldon Richman; RIP: The New Soviet Man; No Time for Pessimism, Murray Rothbard; Once and For All?, Stephen Cox; The Greenhouse Effect: Myth or Danger?, Patrick J. Michaels; Ayn Rand and Objectivism, Barbara Branden; How Rockfeller Soaked the Poor: We're Still Paying Today, Richard Kostelanetz; The Cheesing of America, Lawrence Ludlow; The Case for Paleolibertarianism, Llewelyn Rockwell; Kingdom Come, Murray Rothbard; Choosing Freedom, Charles Rowley and Richard Wagner; In Defense of Elitism, Karl Hess; Ersatz Entrepreneurship, Roger Koopman; Regulating Children's TV, David Bernstein

Liberty Magazine - November 1989

  • Russell Means Speaks, Liberty; The Lost War on Drugs, Joseph Miranda; The U.S. Imports Criminals to Fill Domestic Shortage, Adam Starchild; Loathing the Fear in New York, Murray Rothbard; The Case Against a Capital Gains Tax Cut, Michael Christian; Avant-Garde Redux?, William Clark and Richard Kostelanetz; The A Priori of Disagreement, Hans-Hermann Hoppe and Loren Lomasky; The Philadelphia Story, Chester Alan Arthur; Goodbye, Galactic Empire, J.R. Dunn; Ayn Rand and I, Tibor Machan; A Rustic in New York, R.W. Bradford; Capitalism and the Transformation of Poland, Krysztof Ostraszewski; Beyond Philosophy, Loren Lomasky; The College Teaching Scam, Richard Kostelanetz; Right, Wrong, and Constitutional, James S. Robbins

Liberty Magazine - September 1989

  • The Taboo Against Truth: Holocausts and the Historians, Ralph Raico; Burons, Bob Ortin; Abortion Without Absurdity, R.W. Bradford; Border Guard, Brett Rutherford; My Break With Branden and the Rand Cult, Murray Rothbard; Indefining the Future, Richard Kostelanetz; Simple Principles vs. the Real World, David Friedman; The Theology of Ecology, Robert Formaini; Christian Reconstructionists, Libertarians, and Dead Theologians, Gary North and Jeffrey Tucker; The Argument from Mere Argument, Loren Lomaskey; The Errors of Hayek, Timothy Virkkala; Can Yellowstone Recover?, Lawrence Dodge; Racial Consciousness, Timothy Virkkala

Liberty Magazine - July 1989

  • Why Not Feel Sorry for Exxon?, Murray N. Rothbard; Viking Iceland: Anarchy That Worked, David Friedman; The Myth of the Rights of Mental Patients, Thomas Szasz; Puritanism Comes Full Circle, Jeffrey tucker; Nude Dancing in Memphis, Michael Williams; Ayn Rand and Nathaniel Brandon, R.W. Bradford; Open vs. Closed Libertarianism; Ecology and Economy, Ron Courtney and Jane Shaw; The Political and Demographic Dimensions of Contemporary Libertarianism, J.M. Scheb and J.S. Robbins; The Campaign of '88, Jamie Potter

Liberty Magazine - May 1989

  • Man, Nature, and State, Karl Hess Jr.; Public Choice: A Misshapen Tool, Murray Rothbard; A Conspiracy of Silence, Uncovering the Media's Election-Night "Coverage" Policy, Margaret M. Fries; Ghost Dancing with "Inalienable" Rights, Andrew B. Lewis; What Went Wrong With the Paul Campaign, G. Duncan Williams; The Oath of Purity, Johnny Fargo; The Fires of Yellowstone, Jane S. Shaw; Eyeing the Top of the Pyramid, Murray Rothbard and R.W. Bradford; Anti-Imperialism on the Right: The Conservative Critics of Foreign Intervention, Bobby Taylor; Rand, Reason, and the Randroids, Justin Raimondo; Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy, Stephen Cox; Existentialism and Freedom, David Gordon; Nevil Shute, Philip Salin

Liberty Magazine - March 1989

  • Ronald Reagan: An Autopsy, Murray Rothbard; A Kinder, Gentler Nation?: Fear and Loathing in Canada's Elections, Michael I. Knauss; Guns and Guilt, Allan Levite; What Do You Do When Your Mother Asks You to Kill Her?, M.H. Endres; An Environmentalist Contra Rothbard, Daniel M. Karlan; What If Everything We Know About Safety Is Wrong?, John Semmons and Dianne Kreisch; You Can Go Home Again, But..., Tibor R. Machan; The End of Political Activism, Jeffrey Friedman; The Abolition of Work, David Ramsay Steele; Robert LeFevre, Ethan O. Waters; Mario Vargas Llosa, Stephen Cox; Noam Chomsky, Jeffrey Tucker; Libertarian Diversity, Charles Curley

Liberty Magazine - January 1989

  • The Man vs the Environment: The Strange Ecology of Libertarian Opinion, Murray Rothbard and John Hospers; AIDS and the FDA, Griffin Cupstid, William London and Sandy Shaw; The Mathematics of an Immoral Policy; Testing the Drug Tests, William Wingo; Reaganomics Without Tears, William Niskanen and Leland Yeager; Public Choice: A Useful Tool, Jane S. Shaw

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