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Liberty Magazine - November 1988

  • The Search for We the Living, R.W. Bradford; Eternity in 2 Hours and 50 Minutes, Stephen Cox; Taking Over the Roads, John Semmens; Motives and Values: Theories That Make Sense, Allan Levite; Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Argumentation Ethics: Breakthrough or Buncombe?, David Friedman, Murray Rothbard, Leland Yeager, David Gordon, Ethan Waters, David Steele, Mitchell Jones, Timothy Virkkala, Douglas Rasmussen, Tibor Machen, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe; Private Property: Hope for the Environment, Jane S. Shaw; Perestroika and Economic Liberty, James S. Robbins; Cooperation and Envy, John Dentinger; Canadian Political Culture, Walter Block; Nobody's America, William P. Moulton; Dirty Harry, Mike Holmes

Liberty Magazine - September 1988

  • My Dinner With Gus, William P. Moulton; The Ultimate Justification of the Private Property Ethic, Hans-Hermann Hoppe; Liberty and Ecology, John Hospers; AIDS: More Than Just a Virus, Sandy Shaw; Taking Libertariansim Seriously, Murray N. Rothbard; Scrooge McDuck and His Creator, Phillip Salin; Young Money: Curse or Blessing?, Karl Hess; The Liberty Poll: More on What It Means, James Robbins; Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth, Ann Weiss; Eyewitness, Erika Holzer; The One Libertarianism, Sheldon Richman

Liberty Magazine - July 1988

  • Rebel Without a Clue: Lessons from the Mecham Affair, Matt Kesler; Confessions of an Intractable Individualist, Jerome Tuccille; L. Neil Smith Interviewed, D.R. Blackmon; Ivan the Terrible, William P. Moulton; Nicaragua: The Case for Non-Intervention, William Kesley; The Liberty Poll, Liberty's Editors; What If It's Publish and Perish?, Tibor R. Machan; Rand Bashing: Enough is Enough, Ross Overbeek; The Polovchak Affair, Stephen Cox; Natural Rights, David Ramsay Steele; The Fed, Jeffrey A. Tucker; Film, David Hudson

Liberty Magazine - May 1988

  • The Two Libertarianisms, Ethan O. Waters; Liberty in Nicaragua: An Impossible Dream?, Gary Alexander; Et Tu, ABA?, Erika Holzer and Henry Mark Holzer; I Go To Jail, Franklin Sanders; I Go To Russia, Benjamin Best; The ACLU: Suspicious Principles, Salutary Effects, William P. Moulton; Tom Wolfe's Bonfire, Stephen Cox; The Darker Side of Objectivism, Nathaniel Branden; Quantum Reality, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel; Thomas Sowell, William P. Moulton; The Wild Remainder, Timothy Henderson; English vs. the Educators, Sheldon Richman

Liberty Magazine - March 1988

  • Freedom for the Adventurous, William Cate; The Majority vs. the Majoritarian: Robert Bork on Trial, Sheldon Richman; Libertarians, Moralism, and Absurdity, Ethan O. Waters; Free Speech & the Future of Medicine, Sandy Shaw and Durk Pearson; Game vs. Game, Raul Santana; The Crash of 1987, Liberty's Editors and Contirbutors; Strange Bedfellows: the Libertarian/Conservative Misalliance, John Dentinger; Freedom Is for Everyone, Murray Rothbard; Can Computers Save the World?, Ross Overbeek; Me and the Eiger, Murrary Rothbard; Blood in the Streets, R.W. Bradford; In Search of Melancholy Baby, Mike Holmes; Murray Bookchin, Terry Inman; Going Beyond Gideons, Stephen Cox

Liberty Magazine - September-October 1987

  • The Sociology of Libertarians, John C. Green and James L. Guth; Living With the State: Dilemma of the Gladiators, Nathan Wollstein; The Apostasy of Robert Nozick, Ethan O. Waters; Fatal Patterns: The Libertarian Party in Historical Perspective, William P. Moulton; Understanding Anti-Corporatism, Tibor R. Machan; Going Home, Franklin Sanders; The Rise of the American State, Murray Rothbard; American Culture, Michael Townshend; Australian History, Mike Holmes; The Puzzles of Philosophy, Ross Overbeek; Film, Stephen Cox; Oliver North as Actor, Jonathan Saville

Liberty Magazine - August 1987

  • The Films of Ayn Rand, Stephen Cox; The Mystery Man of the Libertarian Movement, R.W. Bradford, Benjamin Best, and Tom Marshall; Witch-Bashing, Book-Burning, and Professor Harold Hill's Lessons in Practical Politics, Butler D. Shaffer; Options, Jo McIntyre; The Libertarians' Quandary, Chester Alan Arthur; Life or Death in Seattle, Murray N. Rothbard; The Matter of America, David Sheldon

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