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Dishonorable Mentions

  • We are all workers, candidates, and ignoramuses now.

The Land where the Statues Walked

  • We shall not cease from exploration . . .

Whence Comes This Evil?

  • The Delhi rape case.

Words on Trial

  • And guilty as charged.

And May the Better Blur Win

  • Let’s all give thanks for our colorful and engaging public servants.

The Threat of Impact

  • And the wiliness of neology.

Jesuits, and Failed Jesuits

  • Equivocation gets equivocal results.

The Two Americas

  • Who do you think you’re fooling?

Why Is Arms Control for Civilians Only?

  • On the menu today we have a lot of fine tasing. Or perhaps you’d prefer getting shot?

Defining Democracy Down

  • Our modern-day democrats skip the theory and go straight to demanding what they want, good and hard.

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