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The Significance of Ron Paul

  • One man of radical sincerity — what can he do? Quite a lot, actually.

Strauss-Kahn, Exemplar of Socialism

  • This is almost too easy.

Awesome, Dudes!

  • Where can the rest of us go to catch a wave like this?

The Audacity of a 1% Hope

  • A fresh look at the commerce clause.

Doomsday Update

  • What happened, what didn’t happen, and why it’s so much fun.

Keeping an Eye on the Iceberg

  • So . . . just how many Ponzi schemes do we have?

Poverty and Crime

  • Let’s stop accusing poor people of having to be criminals.

Taxing the Ether

  • Then after the internet, why not a tax on light and love?

French Intellectuals: Telling Stories

  • Where is De Tocqueville, now that they need him?

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