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An Amish Funeral

  • In Anglish America, there is still room for speakers of Deitch.

My Hero

  • An homage to John Kerry.

Superheroes for Fun and Frolic

  • Enough of this "give back" stuff. Let's have a good time — and watch ourselves doing it.

Peak Obama

  • Four simple words that say so much.

Why Won't You Apologize?

  • There’s a new verbal psychosis abroad in the land.

Peripheral Vision

  • And the lack thereof.

Media, Heal Thyself

  • Not every bad thing that happens is a deep wound to the American psyche.

Come On — Did They Really Say Those Things?

  • But seriously, folks, what do you think of government healthcare?

The Non-Political Side of Life

  • Returning from the island.

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