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Memo to Obama: Here’s How the Market Works

  • If you even care. Which we doubt.

The Brain, Explained

  • Ayn Rand was right. And so was Bruce Lee.

In the Land of Blind Men

  • Old-school collectivists were corrupt. New-school collectivists are dumb. Is this progress?

Beer Battle

  • The progress of liberty in Alabama.

Tort Reform vs. “Loser Pays”

  • This issue isn’t as easy as you think.

Would You Buy a Used Poll from These Men?

  • Walker wins in desperately un-close race.

And May the Better Blur Win

  • Let’s all give thanks for our colorful and engaging public servants.

Schools: What Kind of Reform?

  • The state giveth; the state taketh away.

Abundant Resources

  • If we deign to exploit them.

Like the Father or the Dog Just Died

  • Some thoughts for Father's Day.

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