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The Hoot-Out at the OK Corral

  • There are thousands of spotted owls, but only one Tombstone, Arizona.

Problems of Perspective

  • Which end of the binox are you on?

Like Father?

  • A King Lear situation — or just a smart move?

Prosecutorial Indiscretion

  • DREAM, or nightmare?

The Fast and Furious Investigation: Quick or Dead?

  • Who are you to doubt the Attorney General?

Check Your Premises!

  • Supposing that the great intellectuals at NPR know what "premises" are.

Taxes on Buying and Not-Buying

  • The questions at the end commend themselves to all Americans.

Prometheus Redux

  • The story that never grows old.

Nanny Tries to Resurrect Pappy

  • Or, how to wash your hands.

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