When Greed Isn't Good


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Jo Ann

Thanks for this cartoon--you describe the hypocrisy so perfectly! I also have to laugh at the bloggers who rail against capitalism while earning money from the advertising they sell with their blogs and on their facebook posts. UP with capitalism!

Jon Harrison

Isn't greed No. 1 on the list of the seven deadly sins? Hasn't God already spoken on this issue? Isn't greed always bad?


As you know, "Greed" is when capitalists expect to be repaid the money they've invested. Now when a common man makes a mistake by spending too much for a home or on a college education, why that's just a poor, fallible human who needs the help of his fellow beings. Ever notice how all the people with "pre-existing conditions" need medical care. Again, it's just human nature not to prepare for the future, but the evil insurance companies are just greedy and won't give the poor folks a break.

It's like the age old arguments against "scalping." If I go to the trouble to haul ice water into the middle of the desert and you show up without a canteen in danger of dying of thirst, why it's me upon whom disdain falls when I demand payment for my effort. Can't we just ship free toilet paper to the poor Venezuelans, please?

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