Obama Reveals Sudden Emergence of Racism


To someone from the New Yorker, President Obama has now repeated what his allies have said many times before: his popularity suffers because of his race: “There’s no doubt that there’s some folks who just really dislike me because they don’t like the idea of a black president.”

The president’s sentiment is even more pathetic than his grammar and diction (“there’s folks”), and it reflects as poorly as anything could reflect on his analytical power and knowledge of history — even, in this case, his own political history.

According to the Rasmussen poll (to cite just one of many concurring polls), on inauguration day, 2009, 67% of Americans approved of the president whom they had recently elected, and 32% disapproved. Only 16% “strongly” disapproved. According to the same outfit, five years later, on Jan. 20, 2014, 49% approved and 50% disapproved, four-fifths of them heartily disapproving.

At what point did the president’s race change?

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Fred Mora

I am shocked at Hunter's casual dismissal of a growing problem, namely, Sudden Race Change Syndrome. SRCS is an epidemics sweeping the country, and it's about time that we start discussing it seriously.

As a recent example, take this Hispanic guy named George Zimmerman. He shot a black guy and instantly became a white cracker, or so the Moneyed Media tell us. MSNBC went as far as concluding that it was the SRCS-induced sudden bout of whiteness that turned him into a child killer.

And we all remember the strange case of blond-haired, blue-eyes, pasty-white Elizabeth Warren suddenly turning into a Cherokee in the midst of the 2012 Massachussets Senate election campaign. Sympathetic Democrat voters showed their usual acumen by electing this unfortunate victim.

So please, Mr. Hunter, refrain from making fun of this terrible disease, which has obviously just struck Obama. Looking at our suddenly ghetto Prez, who could imagine that he once was a privileged kid, the grandson of a bank VP, attending prestigious private schools while killing his neurons smoking pot? Who would think that, as a rich kid, he was flying around the world to visit wealthy foreign friends?

Ironically, Obama's own enemies are wishing for a prompt cure so that the presidential epidermis turns back to its original color. His restored whiteness would allow them, they say, to attack him without being accused of racism. I've been told that the Koch brothers have installed hidden country music detectors in the White House. 

greg bush

Obama’s statement is just one more attempt to paint the U S as a racist nation in spite of so much contrary evidence. To the left, it is important then America be seen as racist. For one thing, it creates a sense of grievance in the African-American community and thus keeps them firmly in the Democratic camp come election time. Secondly, the prevalence of racism is necessary to justify the affirmative action and civil rights establishment that has become entrenched in our society. Third, it is a useful debating point for the left. If you oppose an increase in the minimum wage, you’re a racist. If you favor voter ID you’re a racist. The Obama justice department has even declared the school voucher program in Louisiana as racist. The belief in wide spread racism also adds to the sense of moral superiority of Democrats. They’re not racist bigots like their political opponents. Finally, racism is a handy excuse for the failure of so many past liberal policies. Why is it that in spite of the Great Society’s war on poverty and numerous other government programs that a disproportionate number of African Americans remain unemployed, poorly educated and welfare-dependent? Racism.

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