Liberty Magazine - March 1996

All in the Tribe, Stephen Cox; The Road to the Big House, Chester Alan Arthur; The Executioner's Errors, Lester S. Garrett; The Education of a Speculator, Victor Niederhoffer; The Wars of Yugoslav Succession, Bryan Alexander; A Short and Absurd History of Schooling, Stanley Wolf; Learning from Environmentalists, Randal O'Toole, Murder, Mayhem, and Meathead, Bill Kauffman; Endless Conspiracy, John McCormack; The New Praetorians, Doug Casey; In Search of Rand's Roots, Lester H. Hunt; Ty Cobb, American Genius, R.W. Bradford; The Paradigm Thing, Jonathan Adler; The Milken Myths, Jeff Scott; P.C., Left and Right, Jesse Walker

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