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Welcome to the new, online version of Liberty magazine.

Until its December 2010 issue, Liberty appeared in print, in a monthly edition. The new electronic Liberty will offer features, reviews, and reflections, just as in the print edition, but readers will now be able to read their favorite authors as soon as their work becomes available, then join the conversation themselves in our comment threads. Come back often — the online Liberty is free.

And don't forget to check out Liberty's archive. Here you can see and search the thousands of works we've published since our founding in 1987. It may be the biggest library of libertarian literature ever assembled. Your access to this library is also free of charge.

On behalf of everyone at Liberty, I want to thank you for your interest in us, and in the cause of freedom.

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Trader Ron

I was wondering why I haven't been able to find Liberty at Barnes & Noble lately. I was told at Customer Service that it hasn't been in since November, 2010. I came home to check it out on the WEB and found that I won't be buying my copy of Liberty anymore. I'll have to find another magazine to read while I sit and sip in Barnes & Noble's cafeteria.

I am one of the old timers who prefers the written page and find it very difficult to sit, uncomfortably, reading online while at the same time straining my eyes. I found Liberty's articles to be of interest to my politics and sense of current events. It will be difficult for me to find a substitute magazine for my sitting and sipping routine at B&N.

Sorry to see you go Liberty.


I"m very sad about the print publication's going. I hope you can keep it all going. The writing in your publication is superb. I will read things just because Cox did them.

Thanks so much to everyone.

Andy Currie

I guess having Liberty online is better than not having it at all, but Liberty is now no longer unique. It was the only print magazine I bothered spending money on and read from cover to cover.

Now it's just another website among many websites. I hope you can compete with the likes of Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo. At least Liberty has never been taken in by the wild conspiracy theories so rampant on some of the other sites.

So I add this to my web bookmark list, and hope it sticks around.


The LRC is a serious source for libertariansim. To dismiss it as being conspiratorial is neither a serious critique. has done more to advance serious libertarian anti war views by serious scholars. So if you want "play it safe libertarianism" then I suppose this magazine is your best bet.

Andy Currie

Writing from a standpoint of logic rather than reactionary sensationalism and dogmatism is not "playing it safe", it's an intelligent and reasonable approach.

That said, my post was not a criticism of LRC, it was a statement that LRC is now Liberty's competitor for the attention of readers, which in my mind is a tough road. I found Liberty because I saw it on a magazine rack in a book store. Since it went online-only I have not heard of it anywhere. The only reason I know this website exists is because I was a magazine subscriber and read about it in the final issue.

So again, Liberty, good luck. And try to spread the word, the thinking public deserves better.

Kevin M. Scane

I am SURELY going to miss Liberty in my mailbox. BuuHut, time waits for no one, and creative destruction is not too injurious. Hard gettin' my desktop in to the living room, though. Looks like an EYE-PAD in my Future. You guys have any Apple stock?? Conspiracy afoot?? NNAAAHHH!!


You guys have any Apple stock?? Conspiracy afoot??

Rather, I would hope he is trying to kindle a revolution.

Ken Lindell

Progress marches on, but there is something lacking in a cold computer or tablet screen compared to the warm feel of printed and bound pages.

I will miss the magazine.

R. Swanson

Was about to revew my subscription and found this. Sorry to see it go, but the new site looks wonderful and will check it frequently. For information on world Libertarians check out: and

Justine Olawsky

I know that it was no longer financially feasible to keep up the print version, but I will miss reading Liberty in bed, on the couch, in the bathtub -- all those places that my computer cannot reach. Glad to know that it will live on in cyberspace, though. I grew up on Liberty and cannot imagine how those lazy, rainy afternoons in the PNW would pass by without its lively, cheeky content to entertain and enlighten. Guess I'll just be huddled at the kitchen table instead of curled up on the couch! God speed, Liberty!

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