Liberty Magazine - July 1998

Dear Mr. President, Paul Rako; Y2K and You, Scott Omsted; Bohemian Blues, Ron Lipp; The Making of Rand's Passion, Barbara Branden; Israel at 50, Alan Bock; Evil Emperors, Fred Smith; Asia's Collapse, Leon Hadar and Bruce Ramsey; The End of Photography as Proof of Anything at All, David Brin; Big Tobacco Coughs Up, Jonathan Ellis; Introduction to Digital Cash, J. Orlin Grabbe; The Liberty Poll; The Evolution of Ayn Rand, Stephen Cox; Revitalizing America, Martin Morse Wooster; Daimon in the Rough, Karen Michalson; I Loathe My Calendar Girl, Bob Black; The Art of Self-Retrospection, Richard Kostelanetz

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