Liberty Magazine - October 1999

Airbags Kill More Kids than Schoolhouse Shootings, Patrick Bedard; The New "Economics," William Stepp; China, America, and the War in Kosovo, Bruce Ramsey; Libertarianism as If the Other 99% Mattered, Loren Lomasky; American Tragedy, Stephen Cox; The Real Meaning of the Jefferson-Hemings Affair, Timothy Sandefur; Hanoi Jane, the Gipper, and Me, Sarah McCarthy; The Academic Ecosystem, Richard Kostelanetz; Out of South Africa, Jim Peron; In Search of Lysander Spooner, Randy Barnett; The Search for Ayn Rand's Russian Roots, Chris Sciabarra; The Dissonance of a Conservative, Clark Stooksbury; Culture and Capitalism, Alan Bock; America Works, Bruce Ramsey

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