Liberty Magazine - May 1999

The Transformation of Libertarianism?; An Accident of Rebirth, David Ramsay Steele; Rethinking the Data, David Friedman; Rights and Consequences, David Boaz; Utilitarianism vs. Intuition, Leland Yeager; The Case of the Missing Premise, Tom G. Palmer; Inescapable Facts, Unavoidable Complaints, Pierre Lemieux; In Reponse to My Critics, R.W. Bradford; How Al Gore Wants to Run Your Town, Randal O'Toole; Repealing the Codes of Silence, Lester Hunt; "We Could Give It Back," Ralph Reiland; Know Your Regulator, Jefferson Meyers; Behind Bars, Dyanne Petersen; A Man's Right to Abortion, Barry Loberfeld; The Empress Has No Clothes, Wendy McElroy; Blowhard in the Wind, Jonathan Ellis; A Man for All Freedoms, Sharon Presley; Inside the Mormon Ivory Tower, Eric D. Dixon

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