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From a Los Angeles Times story posted online on Nov. 29, concerning the alleged terrorist Mohamed Osman Mohamud, who allegedly tried to assassinate hundreds of men, women, and children at a Christmas celebration in Portland, Oregon, for the alleged reason that he “hated Americans”:

“Officials said Mohamud was born in 1991 in Mogadishu, capital of Somalia, at the start of the African country's civil war.

“He and his parents, Mariam and Osman Barre, came to America when he was 5 as part of a diaspora that brought tens of thousands of Somali refugees to U.S. cities. About 6,500 Somalis are said to live in the Portland area.

“Few details were available about Mohamud's early years. It wasn't known when he became a naturalized American citizen. . . . In 2008, the family settled in the newly built Merlo Station Apartments [in Beaverton OR], which provides housing for low-income families.”

Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, tens of thousands of people from a politically primitive area of the world refugee out to . . . where else? America. No one knows why.

Thousands of them “are said” to have congregated in Oregon, of all places. No one knows why. Of course, they take advantage of “housing for low-income families.” I would, too.

But a press release (May 29, 2008) hailing the existence of Merlo Station Apartments should be read by everyone who believes that unrestricted immigration is an aspect of free enterprise:

“Merlo Station Apartments received financing from a variety of sources, including a $6.5 million Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity investment from Enterprise [Community Investment], $9.5 million in permanent financing from U.S. Bank, which includes $5.8 million in tax exempt bonds, a $3.6 million loan subsidized by Oregon Affordable Housing Tax Credits, $700,000 from the city of Beaverton and $2.2 million from Washington County Community Development through the federal HOME Investment Partnerships Program, along with permit fee waivers of $226,000 from the city of Beaverton. The project also received predevelopment grants from Washington County Community Development and Home Depot, as well as predevelopment loans from the Federal Home Loan Bank and the Community Housing Fund. TriMet provided a discount on the land price.”

All this do-gooding for 128 apartments.

But to return. Some or all of the Somalis, including the young man in question, became American citizens. No one knows when, or why, or how. “It wasn’t known.”

Is this a good thing?

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Mark Uzick

Charity and non-profit organizations are an important aspect of free enterprise. Are you implying that tax exempt status for these activities is a kind of state subsidy provided to immigrants at the expense of the American tax payer?

Let's assume the question above is yes:
Are you against free immigration on the grounds that "our" system of state welfare will attract undeserving parasites?

I doubt that there is a natural right more fundamental than the right to travel freely. If the existence of the welfare state is sufficient justification to cancel the right to free travel, then it's all down hill from there to the eventual cancellation of every other natural right, from the right to eat, use drugs or medical treatments, engage in sexual practices or engage in any voluntary enterprise as we may, in doing so, incur unaffordable expenses on society.

Why not advocate the evolution toward a free society instead of a more efficient slave state?

Applications for citizenship should be looked upon with suspicion or, preferably suspended altogether. Immigrants and visitors should be free to live here as long as they wish, but state welfare should be prohibited to all non-citizens until the day comes when state welfare is altogether prohibited.

They should be exempt from that portion of taxes that go toward health, education and welfare schemes and allowed to organize their own private charities, as so many ethnic and theological immigrant groups have done in the past.

Their voluntary governmental agencies would, in time, put "our" monopolistic state governmental agencies to shame, setting an inspiring example for Americans to follow. I could even envision a day when some Americans renounce their citizenship, becoming aliens and thereby giving up the "benefits owed to them by the state" in order to avoid many of the taxes and regulations destroying their lives and their happiness.

Free immigration, if done in a way that rewards liberty seekers -not parasites - could be the the most effective and quickest path to a rebirth of liberty in America.

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