What's in a Brand?


People often complain that the tea partiers confuse socialism, fascism, and communism.  These people argue that the three have distinct definitions and different ideologies.

Well, Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac are not the same car. They are, however, different nameplates on similar products, with many parts manufactured by the same people.  They'll all take you to the same place, though some will do it faster.

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Many people like to look at politics as a linear progression from communism on the left to fascism on the right and while the two ideologies have their differences, the linear paradigm is flawed. I prefer to look at politics as a circle. If you take the left/right line and wrap it into a circle, communism and fascism meet at a totalitarian pit of extremes. The other side of the circle is absolute social and economic liberty.

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