About Liberty

Liberty is a journal of culture and politics written from a classical liberal point of view.

Liberty was founded by R.W. Bradford in 1987 as a national journal of libertarian opinion, news, investigation, and intellectual exploration. For over two decades, Liberty has exemplified the richness and range of classical liberal writing. It has published the leading figures of libertarian economic, political, historical, and literary thought.

During its first 23 years, Liberty appeared in print. Now it appears as a free online journal, immediately accessible to people everywhere.

Liberty is not just current events. From the start, Liberty’s goal has been to publish the best libertarian writing available. It opens itself to whatever is exciting, charming, or engaging in every field, from politics and philosophy to fiction and film reviews.

Submissions are welcome (to send or discuss a submission, click Contact Us and select “Submission” from the pulldown menu).

I find Liberty a lively, idiosyncratic publication, often presenting fresh and original comments from a liberal (in the true sense) point of view.

—Milton Friedman
Nobel Laureaute Economist

I recommend Liberty very highly to libertarians…and even more highly to non-libertarians!

—Thomas Szasz
Author, The Myth of Mental Illness