Editors & Staff

R.W. Bradford (1947–2005) was the founder of Liberty.

Stephen Cox is editor of Liberty, and a professor of literature at the University of California San Diego. His most recent book is The Big House: Image and Reality of the American Prison.

Bruce Ramsey is a senior editor of Liberty, and a retired newspaperman who lives in Seattle. He is author of Unsanctioned Voice, a biography of journalist Garet Garrett.

Gary Jason is a lecturer in philosophy and a senior editor of Liberty. His book, Dangerous Thoughts, is available through Amazon.

Jo Ann Skousen teaches English literature and writing at a New York college and Sing Sing Prison. She is the entertainment editor for Liberty and is the founder and director of Anthem, the Libertarian Film Festival. She can be reached at anthemfilmfestival.com.

Andrew Ferguson is managing editor of Liberty, a professional dabbler, and a haunter of cafés.

S.H. Chambers is a cartoonist whose books Mock Hypocrisies, Zeitgeist Kebab, and Entertaining Blasphemies are available at shchambers.com. Over the last twenty years, thousands of his cartoons have appeared in Liberty, National Review, Mouth, and Bostonia, among others.