Liberty Magazine – May 1989

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Man, Nature, and State, Karl Hess Jr.; Public Choice: A Misshapen Tool, Murray Rothbard; A Conspiracy of Silence, Uncovering the Media’s Election-Night “Coverage” Policy, Margaret M. Fries; Ghost Dancing with “Inalienable” Rights, Andrew B. Lewis; What Went Wrong With the Paul Campaign, G. Duncan Williams; The Oath of Purity, Johnny Fargo; The Fires of Yellowstone, Jane S. Shaw; Eyeing the Top of the Pyramid, Murray Rothbard and R.W. Bradford; Anti-Imperialism on the Right: The Conservative Critics of Foreign Intervention, Bobby Taylor; Rand, Reason, and the Randroids, Justin Raimondo; Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy, Stephen Cox; Existentialism and Freedom, David Gordon; Nevil Shute, Philip Salin