Pigs at the Trough

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On July 29, a commentator on Fox News responded to a question from Juan Williams about the amazing amount of money that the Clintons devoted to their daughter’s wedding — reputedly $3 to 5 million. Invoking the spirit of American “free enterprise,” she said, “They made it, let them spend it however they want. . . . It’s nobody’s business.” No one, not even Williams, one of the smartest people on TV, contradicted her.

Look. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton did not make their money through free enterprise. They “made” it through politics. Specifically, he made it by getting immense fees for giving speeches, here and abroad, before audiences more interested in his political influence than in any wisdom he had to offer.

Our modern-day Trimalchios are signs, like their Roman original, of a culture’s decay. The vast, vulgar wedding — “complete,” as a news report said, “with a vegan wedding cake” — is the best argument I’ve seen for the repeal of heterosexual marriage.

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