A Bridge Not Far Enough

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Did you know that the Ambassador Bridge – the only bridge that connects Detroit to Ontario – is privately owned? I was surprised to discover this information about a major artery of transportation, but after all, news of successful private ownership often travels slowly. No one seems interested in reporting it.

Now the owner wants to build another span because of congestion, but Michigan and Ontario want to get together and build their own bridge. Michigan, in particular, has so much spare change lying around that building a bridge would be a mere trifle. (Sure!)

So the two governments are putting all kinds of roadblocks in the owner’s way, despite the fact that he has already created the approaches on the Windsor, Ontario side.

I’m sure that much of the congestion was caused, in the first place, by the miserable customs and immigration stops on both sides of the border. God, don’t you hate the government?

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