A Fine Balance

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The Wall Street Journal (Nov. 11) reports that there are more Asian students on our college campuses than are warranted by the percentage of Asians in the general population. At the same time there is a less publicized but equally disturbing imbalance in our penal institutions, because of the sparsity of Asian prisoners. Obviously these affronts to diversity point to societal prejudice against whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans that demand redress. Fortunately, in this case, the statistics speak for themselves. To establish the required equity, we have merely to imprison enough Asian students.

In anticipation of the inevitable carping from civil libertarians that accompanies every constructive measure of this sort, it should be added that the selection of the students to be transferred need not involve any injustice. Properly handled, the process would be con- ducted by a blind lottery, ensuring an entirely random, open process – the very epitome of fairness.

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