A Modest Proposal

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everything from package delivery to education to health care, the private sector beats the government hands down. With that in mind I would like to suggest that some freedom-loving group run a private gun buy-back program.

Advertise, set up a booth, and whenever anyone brings in a gun, offer him the same absurdly low price that all the state-run gun buy-back programs do; say, 20 dollars. At the end of day, perhaps several hundred dollars will be paid out. Sure, some rusted pieces of junk that no one would want will be purchased. But what about that antique revolver with the pearl handle grips brought in by the unknowing granddaughter who hates guns? Twenty bucks! What about the AR-15 brought in by the recently widowed gun phobe? Twenty bucks! The group can then either keep the decent weapons for their members or auction them off at fair-market value to raise even more money than they paid out.

And everyone involved should get a Federal Firearms License. That way, when the police show up at the booth to try and shut it down, the freedom lovers can whip out the licenses and offer the police 20 bucks for the guns on their hips.

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