A Protest Against World War III

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I am firmly on the side of the Ukrainians. And I am surprised at the extent of Russian folly. I expected Russia to invade the eastern side of Ukraine and take the Russian-speaking areas, restive under Ukrainianization. But no. Russia decided to invade the rest of Ukraine too — an action for which it was obviously unprepared. The justified fear is that if Russia continues to be balked, there will be a massive slaughter, meant to get it over with, and if Russia wins, there will be massive slaughters and imprisonments, meant to get it over with.

But. Anyone who has read the history of war should be worried about something even worse. War hysteria, and political profitseeking, have seized the ruling class. From all the familiar sides — Democratic politicians, Republican politicians, the media (slaves to the above) — come the agitprop demands: Why don’t we establish a no-fly zone over Ukraine? Why don’t we cut off Russian oil? In other words, get at it, now! There’s something morally wrong if you don’t.

War, as always, is the health of the state. But the answer to those questions is simple: because we don’t want to destroy the world economy, and we don’t want to provoke a nuclear war. This seems to me conclusive. It’s not immoral: just say No.

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  1. Michael F.S.W. Morrison

    Finally, today, 8 March 2022, Joe Biden did something sort of right: He finally cut off the importation of Russian oil.
    From a purist free-market aspect, that is probably not the proper thing to do, but of course Joe Biden would not know a free-market aspect or anything else free market.
    But, since Joe Biden had also earlier clobbered oil production by folks in these United States, gasoline prices have reached what are reported to be record highs.
    Thanks mostly to the Biden-Harris regime’s opposition to both the free market and to evil ol’ domestic oil production.
    Their claimed basis is their love for alternative energy sources. Also today V.P. Harris told listeners they need to find an extra 70 or so thousand dollars and buy an electric car. Although there are very few charging stations across these United States so those new owners won’t be able to drive very far.
    There is an aphorism about If you stand with your back side too close to the fire, well, you’re the one who has to sit on it.
    Alas, in the case of that back side’s getting burned in a presidential election, well, ALL of us have to sit on it — as witness gasoline’s probably reaching a national average of $4.50 before the end of this week.
    To sum up, Wayland, probably your essay was the encouragement, or the nudge, Biden needed. He finally saw the light. Good job.

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