Cataclysm, Perpetually Looming

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It snowed In Atlanta, and global warming alarmists are at it again. It doesn’t matter whether it’s warm or cold, dry or wet, stormy or calm; every severe weather event is now taken as proof of impending doom. The only way to disprove the environmental cataclysts would be if the weather was perfectly average for a year. On second thought, maybe not. That would only give them more ammunition as they raise the alarming question, “When has the weather ever been so predictable?”

Meanwhile, an article in the respected journal Science reports that the Antarctic ice cap is growing thicker. The Wall Street Journal reported that “researchers said that if [these] data don’t represent a brief fluctuation, they could shake’ assumptions on global warming”; i.e., the cataclysts will· return to their claim that human enterprise is causing a global cooling.

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