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Nancy Pelosi created a webpage in which she solicited “health care stories”:

“As Speaker Pelosi works with colleagues in Congress to finish the job of repairing America’s broken healthcare system, opponents of reform are mounting their biggest effort yet to kill reform and preserve the status quo.

Add your voice to the millions calling for reform. Share your own health care story with Speaker Pelosi.”

Okay. Here’s my own healthcare story:

Once upon a time, long, long ago (23 years, to be exact), a very wealthy if not particularly intelligent woman man- aged to manipulate the political processes sufficiently to get elected to represent the city of San Francisco in Congress assembled. As is often the case, she soon became drunk with power, though no more intelligent. One day, after briefly consolidating her power, she sought to man- age and control healthcare for 300 million people. Things went badly for her after that, especially since limited intelligence, while a pre-existing condition, is not treatable per se . . .

Was this the sort of healthcare story she was looking for?

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