Clinton Casualities

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In the vicious terrorist attack at Fort Hood by an Islamist traitor, we see the natural consequence of one of Bill Clinton’s bad policies.

Indeed, people’s common response when they heard that the self-styled Soldier of Allah, Nidal Hasan, had killed a dozen of his fellow soldiers and wounded many others was, How in the hell could this snake kill so many soldiers on a military base? Why wasn’t he cut down by return fire immediately?

The answer is that in early 1993, President Clinton issued orders that effectively disarmed soldiers on their bases. The regulations he imposed made it virtually impossible for officers to issue sidearms to soldiers or even carry sidearms themselves. The very people most trained in the use of weapons and tasked with using those weapons to defend the country were (and are) forced to be sitting ducks on their own bases. How absurd is that?

Now, even after the nation has had time to reflect on the implications of Fort Hood, what are the chances that Obama, who was recorded mocking gun owners during his campaign, will restore the right of self-defense to American soldiers? Between slim and none, and Slim just got capped by a jihadist.

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