Cuomo the Clumsy Clown

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There may be a lack of perspective here.

As governor of New York, Andy Cuomo issued orders resulting in the deaths of thousands of nursing home residents. He then covered up the damaging statistics. Having complained about a lack of hospital beds and made that a reason to assume emergency powers, he neglected to fill the large number of beds provided in the Javits Center and the federal ship Comfort. His emergency orders wrecked tens of thousands of businesses and severely damaged the lives of millions of working people.

Meanwhile, he appeared constantly on television for the alleged purpose of reassuring the public. His actual purpose was to advertise himself, and the actual effect was to incite the panic that gave him power.

Why was this the trigger? Why didn’t the explosion happen about ten months ago?


If you have a friend who is facing difficulties, you could say, “This is a problem, but fortunately there are ways of dealing with it. Other people have dealt with it successfully, and I know that you will. Here are some suggestions.” Or you could say, “This is a deadly serious, unprecedented emergency. I realize that you’re probably hysterical, and I understand why. I know you haven’t the faintest idea of what to do. So I’m giving you orders that may possibly prevent you from dying immediately.”

Which method would you choose? The first, of course. But then you’re not a demagogue, and Andrew Cuomo is.

Now Cuomo stands accused of sexually harassing his employees, and even politicians in his own party have exploded in rage. Clearly, there’s nothing good about harassment, except that it’s a good reason for canning the boss. But why was this the trigger? Why didn’t the explosion happen about ten months ago? When all these august members of the official class (i.e., people with access to the columns of the New York Times) finally notice the obvious about the Head Honcho and Demagogue for Life, and their reason is complaints of psychic damage to a handful of people, they are testing their own ethics, and conspicuously failing.

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