Delivering Opacity

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Hope has failed. The man who strode into office on the promise of “transparency” has made one thing perfectly clear: big government doesn’t work. Burqas are more transparent than this administration. Why did anyone think differently? You don’t expect openness from a man who refused to show his birth certificate.

According to the Washington Post, President Obama spent $84 million assembling a team empowered to create a website for tracking stimulus spending. The verdict? The money will probably be gone before the website is up and running. It is the equivalent of needing a photo finish for the Preakness Stakes, and having the flash go off sometime next January. Or finally finding the security tape from the Lindbergh baby kidnapping.

Meanwhile, Onvia, a private company, has produced, a stimulus tracking website, with their own resources. The information available there on stimulus spending has already surpassed the government website, Recovery. gov. The government website has been a black hole for taxpayer money, producing little or no results, while the private sector did a better job, with no taxpayer stake. Why does anyone believe in government promises anymore?

They blew it again with the multibillion-dollar bailout of GM and Chrysler. It was supposed to prevent both companies from entering bankruptcy, and both companies are still entering bankruptcy, only now Americans have lost close to $30 billion on them. Certainly, if the Treasury wanted to blow 30 billion, they could have come up with more imaginative ideas. How about passing out hundred dollar bills to every American, so we could have lit cigars with money? Imagine how much fun that would have been, and at least we’d have the memory of a big cigar party in exchange for our grandchildren’s debt.

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