Diff’rent Strokes?

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I can’t get enough of John Edwards complaining about “Two Americas” from the porch of his mansion, bemoaning the shrinking middle class while getting a $400 haircut. I guess it’s because I assume that when someone is a Democrat, he should actually live the Democratic Party’s rhetoric.

That is seldom the case. Rich Democrats who decry racism often find themselves living in monochromatic neighbor- hoods. Those who trumpet the need for public schools, and loathe school vouchers, will send their own children to private academies. Those who ridicule the Republican obsession with taxes scour their personal records annually for every tax deduction they can find, gun-control advocates hire armed bodyguards, and the staunchest environmentalists find them- selves traveling on private jets. Wealthy Democrats live exactly like wealthy Republicans, they just talk differently – and make sure their maids always sort the trash into the proper recycling bins.

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