Divine Prerogative

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I glanced at Fox News on May 8,2009, coming across Sean Hannity’s new format, specifically his panel discussion segment. They were talking about the torture memos and whether or not legal sanctions should be pursued. I heard Democratic pollster Doug Schoen say, liThe real problem we’re facing as a country is because we’re having these debates the hands of the president – whether he be Democrat or Republican – are necessarily tied. It hurts our country because the president shouldn’t have to play politics with our security.”

And there you have it. Obeying his oath of office to defend the Constitution and support the laws of the land, including the ones outlawing torture, is tying the president’s hands. Insisting that evidence of torture should be investigated and if credible should be prosecuted is “playing politics with our security.” This from a Democratic pollster.

Truly, it makes no more sense to consider punishing major political figures today than it would have made sense to consider punishing the Olympian gods in Roman times. Both groups are fickle and control power without limit, but they’re all we have to protect us. We cannot tie their hands. Quod lieet Jovi non lieet bovi

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