Down Mexico Way

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The drug wars in Mexico are devastating that country. Thousands are dying, the tourist economy is affected, and fear and intimidation have become facts of daily life.

The United States is entirely responsible for these problems. It is the U.S. appetite for drugs that fuels the Mexican trade. It is weapons from the United States that cause the deaths.

We could, of course, solve the problem by simply legalizing drugs. But our government and law enforcement honchos are utterly opposed. They prefer to let chaos and death reign over the border. Under the Bush doctrine, Mexico would be completely justified in initiating military operations against us. Our territory is where Mexico’s problem originates. Just as we went to Afghanistan to avenge 9/11, the Mexicans could legitimately come here to avenge the ongoing tragedy in their country.

It has in fact come to this: we in the United States are no better than the Taliban. We should be thankful that Mexico’s military is far too weak to threaten us.

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