Et tu, Janet?

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On July 15, Janet Napolitano, head of Homeland Security for the Obama administration, made the ultimate betrayal of her own state in favor of national Democratic politics.

Obama, as you know, is suing Arizona because of its anti- illegal-alien law. Meanwhile, leftist groups throughout the nation are trying to organize a boycott against Napolitano’s home state, Arizona.

Napolitano’s betrayal came during an interview with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News.

“As a former governor of Arizona,” Van Susteren asked, “do you think those boycotts should be ended?”

“That’s up to those who are mounting them,” Napolitano replied.

I’ve often wondered what Napolitano has on Obama. The whole country has been laughing at her for months, yet she continues her career of ridiculous gaffes — claiming, for instance, that all is well with homeland security every time a terrorist attack either happens or is thwarted by someone who has no relationship to her own agency, or saying that the southern border is better controlled than at any time in the past. But now I wonder what Obama has on her, if she’s unwilling to express the slightest sympathy for her own state.

And by the way, can’t we call a moratorium on the particular rhetorical ploy that Napolitano used? It’s not just an evasion; it’s an expression of disgusting arrogance. It’s infuriating. Suppose your business were being picketed by a bunch of strikers, and you asked a friend, “Do you think they should be doing this?”, and he replied, “That’s up to them.” Your husband is suing you for divorce? “That’s up to him,” your sister says. You’re black, and you see your neighbor reading literature from the Klan. “I guess that’s up to them,” the neighbor comments. Pontius Pilate took the same line.

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