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According to the AFP: “Ten doctorate students from China’s elite universities are calling for a boycott of Christmas and urging people to revert to Chinese traditions. In a statement carried by many Chinese Internet websites, they lamented the loss of Chinese traditions and morals, amid what they , said was the widening invasion of western popular culture.”

Fortunately, in a nation of 1.3 billion people, the opinions of ten are highly irrelevant. Were their ideas not directly in line with American multiculturalists, such a protest involving only 0.8 millionths of a percent opinion would have been completely ignored. (Libertarians routinely poll somewhat higher than 0.8 millionths of a percent, and rarely get the kind of press this story received.)

It also shows that the grand Western tradition of ivory-tower elitism is thriving in China. Perhaps these kids are seeking tenured positions in American universities.

They aren’t being very sensitive to the plight of the working man either. How many of their cousins are gainfully employed stringing together Christmas lights, or hot-seaming snow globes?

Here’s a fun game to play at home: reach into your box of Christmas decorations, and start pulling out ornaments. See how long it takes before you grab something that doesn’t say “Made in China.” Unless you have some pretty old heirlooms from Japan or German~ you’re going to work your way down to the bottom of the box pretty quickly. And unless you have a clothespin ornament your kid made, or something you got from your grandparents, you’ll probably never come across anything Made in the USA.

Christmas is a half trillion dollar per year industry, and probably at least 900/0 of that money ends up in China. It’s not just the ornaments either, since most of the clock radios, foot massagers, and ties you’ll find under the tree are Chinese as well.

These protesting retro-communists have to realize: it’s not Christ who is being worshipped, it’s Santa Claus. To them, he is the big fat god of American capitalism, who each year brings wealth and prosperity to the Chinese people.

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