Fire and Rain

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Religious fanatics have been using natural phenomena to frighten the ignorant into submission since the dawn of time. Primitives used things like eclipses as an excuse to throw virgins into volcanoes; Catholic clergy in the Middle Ages used the little ice age to justify torturing and burning women for witchcraft.

Toda)’, leftists are using weather as a means to gain political control, as are followers of Pat Robertson. The Left believes that last year’s strong hurricane season was caused by SUVs, and Pat Robertson recently claimed it was caused by sodomy. It’s always funny watching zealots arguing over which is the true god.

Since the global warming myth has been enormously successful for the Left, you really can’t blame Pat for using a variant of that tactic to strengthen his own support. And there’s as much evidence connecting hurricanes to sin as there is connecting them to petroleum. But environmentalists can’t see that their apocalyptic predictions are just as silly as Pat Robertson’s. I guess it’s really hard to look in the mirror.

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