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According to an article on the McClatchy wire, less than two weeks after President Obama signed his sweeping healthcare “reform” bill, doctors and health insurance companies have been swamped with people asking where to get their free health insurance. I wonder how much support there would have been for the bill if you took out all the people who assumed that the healthcare was going to be immediately available and absolutely free. I would bet the support for his health- care bill was largely based on ignorance, even in Congress — I highly doubt that many (if any) of the people who voted for the bill ever bothered to read what they were approving.

As the reconciliation bill details leak out it turns out that there is no guarantee for regular checkups or doctor visits; however, with the hiring of 12,000 new IRS agents, it is guaranteed that you will receive a regular annual audit. The plan gets more people insured by making it illegal to be uninsured. Based on this strategy, the Senate should consider a plan to end poverty by making it illegal to be poor.

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