George V. Walsh, R.I.P.

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Objectivist philosopher George V. Walsh, 78, died on Nov. 8, 2001, after many years of illness. Walsh was a professor emeritus of philosophy at Salisbury University, but will long be remembered for his personal association with Ayn Rand., Walsh came to Rand, armed with a BA in philosophy (from Williams College), an MA from Brown, and a PhD from Princeton. He was one of the few thinkers who became convinced of the correctness of Rand’s system of thought long after his professional engagement with philosophy.

He first came to the attention of most libertarians with the publication in The Objectivist of a series of articles on Marxist philosopher Herbert Marcuse and the New Left. He also wrote The Role of Religion in History (1998) and, with Frederick Lehnert, translated Alfred Schutz’s Phenomenology of the Social World.

I last worked closely with George when The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies published his “Ayn Rand and the Metaphysics of Kant” (Fall 2000). As sick as George was, he was able to proof his copy and make substantive changes along the way. His wife told me that he’d been awfully sick, but that our work together gave him quite a spiritual lift. The feeling was mutual. He was a trusted colleague and friend, and I will always remember him for all the kind – and constructively you know, ‘da-da- was taken from critical – support he gave me in my own intellectual endeavors.

I will also remember George for his warmth as a human being, and for his essential honesty.’. He suffered for many years, but his spirit always seemed to keep him one step ahead. Those who love liberty and reason shall miss him.

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