Guild System

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I’m quite certain that Americans are tired of hearing about the Hollywood writers’ strike. Yeah, they know there are writers behind the crap they watch every single night, but they really don’t want to hear about it. Just like they probably know there’s bits of kidney and lung in their breakfast sausage. So what? Slap it on a McBiscuit, wrap it in paper, shove it through the window, and shut up already.

The writers guild has nothing in common with the other unions in America. They’re fighting for residuals. Auto workers don’t understand residuals. Auto workers go to work, they build a car, the car is sold. Transaction complete. From the WGA perspective, it’s not fair to the workers who built your car that you get to use it for whatever you want, and don’t have to pay them a dime for it. In their minds, you should have to pay the auto workers every time you wanted to drive it somewhere. Part of the fight is that writers want a share of the profits if something is sold on the internet. Could you imagine having to pay an auto worker more money if you wanted to sell your used car online?

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