Here Comes the Tide

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Liberal Vermont has just legalized gay marriage through a vote of the legislature – the first time this has been done by a vote of elected representatives rather than a state supreme court. This is a leading cultural indicator – a much more important event than the narrow rejection of gay marriage by the voters of California.

Same-sex marriage may take a while to get to your state, but it is inevitable. What made it
so was mainly that gays stood up and asked for it, demanding cultural inclusion using language that had been sanctified by the civil rights movement. Further, once they adopted children and the kids didn’t all turn out gay, adoption was going to be okay with the straight majority. With childrearing comes marriage, which is an institution designed to protect children and the spouse who looks after the children. And with childrearing and marriage comes acceptance.

It doesn’t all happen at once, but once it gets going I don’t see what stops it. Old people may not change their thinking about it, but the younger generation will. And in the long run, that is all that matters.

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