John McCain is Not a Person

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Some things in the news are just too funny to go unnoticed. There is a silly dust-up over in Greenwich Village at the New School because the administration has selected John McCain to give the commencement speech this year. The students are protesting because they see McCain as anti-gay, and I have to assume there is a sizable gay community in the student body.

Now we all have to remember that McCain is running for president, so the one thing that’s assured is that no one will know his true beliefs on anything. Half the engineers at GM probably think their cars are crap, but that is not what they advertise.

So McCain is supposedly against gay marriage, which makes him no friend of mine. Marriage is a powerful institution that should be encouraged to promote a stable society. But the funny part of this whole Manhattan New School fracas is the comment by the student “leader” of the protest. He says: “In all of our classes we’re taught the value of inclusion of all people,” and “We’re taught to question our leaders.”

Am I the only one laughing at this remark? They are taught inclusion of all people. So I guess John McCain is not a person. I suspect they are taught to include all people, but the young students take away the self-righteous idea that they are only supposed to include “everyone” with the exact same values. Kinda like Ayn Rand only socializing with people who liked Strauss and tap dancing. Talk about narcissism dictating morality – this takes the cake.

And the second phrase is even funnier then the first. They are supposed to question leaders, says the leader of the student protest. Well yeah. Duh. But let’s nobody question him.

This is as silly as when Mark Skousen got in trouble for booking Rudy Giuliani as a speaker. Jesus, people, is listening to someone you are not in complete, abject agreement with so distasteful you cannot bear it? Are we all so terrified of others’ opinions that we put a wastebasket over our heads and bang it with a serving spoon like Bart Simpson?

Is this irony? Is this an unexpected outcome, that after four years of high-dollar education you end up a bigot? Is the term “liberal bigot” an oxymoron? And what is a tautology anyway?

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