Killing in the Name of

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I keep waiting for one of those reporters interviewing the latest captured Muslim terrorist to ask the obvious question: Why exactly do you think that murdering and maiming random victims is going to convince non-Muslims that they should convert to Islam? Is it that you think there is some undeniable appeal to the idea? You mean, I could get to murder and maim others, too? Wow! How can I resist an offer like that?

I guess that’s why I would make a terrible news reporter. I would want to ask questions that actually question the logic of those I interviewed, maybe even make them admit that their only goal is (in this case) to use brute force to intimidate others to accede to their irrational demands — demands proven to be irrational by the fact that otherwise they would be supported by rational arguments rather than threats of violence.

Then there are those who say they want to kill Americans on American soil because other Americans have killed Muslims in Muslim countries. I would want to ask them: What about Muslims who kill other Muslims in Muslim countries? Do you want to kill them, too?

But then, no matter what the interviewee answered, my last question would be: admit it, isn’t the whole purpose of your actions to force others to do what you want, regardless of whether they agree that your interpretation of Islam makes any sense? If not, how exactly do you think any rational person could conclude otherwise?

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