Let Them Wear Sneakers

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A recent report high- lights a thorny problem for any and all would-be populists – class envy, the leveler, is blind to what nail it pounds back to flatness. It appears that America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama, had the bad grace to appear at a D.C. food bank dressed in a pair of sneakers that retail at over $500 per. The hungry mob disapproved.

Mrs. Obama, through her reps, dug her “progressive” sneakers into the ground and stood fast; “they’re shoes” was the firm reply to all the finger wagging. Yes, her ultra-trendy Lanvin sneakers are shoes – much in the same way that a Ferrari is a car.

I would suggest that Mrs. Obama use the White House’s ample closet space to hang a few hair shirts to be worn at all future charitable functions – for the sake of appearance, if nothing else.

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