Nasty as She Wants to be

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Ann Coulter is all over TV promoting her book about”godless liberals.” The other night she was on “Scarborough Country” bragging that her book has ended the political participation of the 9/11 widows whom she calls the “Jersey Girls,” and who she says have enriched themselves over their husbands’ corpses. These “broads,” as she terms them, are enjoying their husbands’ deaths. Then, godly woman that she purports to be, Colter asks rhetorically, “How do we know their husbands weren’t planning to divorce these harpies?”

Asked by a Pittsburgh newspaper editor which of her book quotes she’d prefer to have spotlighted now that everyone’s heard her attacks on the

9/11 widows, Coulter replied that she’d like people to see the following: “Our book is Genesis and [the liberals’] book is Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring,’ the original environmental hoax. Carson brainwashed an entire generation into imagining a world without birds, killed by DDT. Nazi concentration camp victims were bathed in DDT when they were rescued to save their lives.”

What’s her point? When we’re finished pondering the images of Jews being bathed in DDT, are we supposed to clamor for its return?

No one ever said, as Coulter claims, that the 9/11 widows or Gold Star Mothers were above the political fray, but war widows and Gold Star moms have always been honored as a matter of personal conscience. I remember the special honor and respect given to Gold Star Mothers by both sides during the Vietnam War. No one in the pro- or anti-war movement would have savaged them the way Coulter does.

Coulter serves as a green light for GOP political operatives who want no standards of civil behavior or restraints on their own viciousness in the upcoming political season. Crashing through the lines of civil discourse, Coulter has once more coarsened the culture and made a run for the bottom. She is not attacking the “Jersey Girls'” ideas or arguments, but their

widowhood, the state of their marriages, their right to activism based on their 9/11 experiences – things that decent people and most liberals, godless or not, wouldn’t do.

“I don’t particularly care if liberals believe in God,” says Coulter. “In fact, I would be crestfallen to discover any liberals in heaven.” Well, she may be in for a big surprise. Whether or not liberals are I I godless,” as the title of her book proclaims, they usually have higher moral and ethical standards than she does. She is living proof that professed godliness is no guarantee of goodness.

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