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President Obama promises that his healthcare plan will be efficient and save money. Exactly what in his past gives anyone the assurance that this is possible? His resume is quite lean in the administrative experience department. During the campaign, critics were quick to point out that he lost $150 million administering the Annenberg Challenge, a program designed to improve Chicago schools that had no measurable effect.

Chicago schools would be the worst in the nation were it not for the DC public school system. Half of Chicago public-school students never graduate. Not only did we reward an administrator who failed to make any difference with the White House, the administrator of those schools was rewarded with the Department of Education. Yes, Chicago School Superintendent Arne Duncan is now the national cabinet level secretary of something he proved incapable of providing for even half of Chicago’s children. Clearly this president is more interested in rewarding political buddies than in hiring the best or the brightest.

In fact, Chicago public schools were so miserable that Obama would not let his daughters attend them (as he holds them out of DC public schools now). Kind of strange isn’t it? Why would you give such an important position to someone you couldn’t even trust with your own children? (This is nothing new for Chicago Democrats: birthday clown John Wayne Gacy, was once a Chicago Democrat precinct captain.)

Who will be in charge of the Department of Universal Health Care? Well if his appointment of Duncan was any indication, I think Dr. Kevorkian might make a good candidate. Since Kevorkian spent the majority of the last seven years in the custody of the federal government, it is unlikely that he would have any tax problems to embarrass His Presidency during confirmation. And let us not forget, doctor-assisted suicide is a great way to reduce healthcare costs; it is one reason why suicide is such a popular home remedy for terminal illness in those countries already blessed with socialized healthcare.

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