One Flu Over

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The little pandemic that couldn’t seems to have petered out, and by the time this article is published, there is a very good chance that tit will be as consequential to America as killer bees and the millennium bug. In the mean- time, the precautions that are just now going online will prob- ably still be in place. Government always moves much slower than science or public sentiment.

I hope the panic won’t soon be forgotten. Because right now there is a debate taking place on how America should prepare for the upcoming global warming epidemic. Scientists that were trained in the same classrooms and laboratories of the same universities as these health alarmists are prophesying the arrival another Horseman of the Apocalypse. The fellow alumni of these World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control prognosticators are debating what pre- cautions we should be legislating to protect ourselves from the certain doom of global warming.

Meanwhile, scientists are now wondering about whether we are entering into a new ice age. Recent evidence indicates that solar output has been declining for the past couple years.

If the world might be entering a new Ice Age then global warming is not only not problematic, it might also be quite beneficial. (It’s much easier to find a way to cool off in the summer than to grow vegetables on a glacier.)

I don’t mind astrologers and psychics. There are a lot of people who enjoy hearing the advice of those who pretend to see into the future. The big danger is when we elevate these prophets into a position of power. Just like the ranting racist is amusing at the end of the bar, but dangerous in a seat of power; it is best to keep these illuminated persons locked up in laboratories, rather than testifying before Congress.

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