One Small Step

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Susan Lefevre, the fugitive from “justice” who spent 30 years on the lam as a California housewife, has been liberated from the clutches of the state.

I first wrote about Lefevre on these pages in July 2008. She had been convicted of possessing drugs back in the 1970s and, though only a teenaeger at the time, sentenced to a long prison term in Michigan. She managed to escape and began a new, utterly respectable life in the San Diego area, where she and her husband raised three children.

In April 2008 she was discovered and arrested. At the time it looked as though she might be spending a very long time in prison. Michigan authorities indicated they would make her serve out the old drug sentence, and were planning to prosecute her for the escape.

Reason, however, has prevailed in this case. In January the Michigan parole board voted to release her from the old drug charge. And the escape charge too has been dropped. Unfortunately, the state could not quite let it go at that. Lefevre was placed on probation. She is barred from owning firearms or drinking alcohol.

But at least, on May 19, she was freed to return to her family. When will Leviathan set free all the other human beings it holds for possessing drugs?

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